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Attack on woman HRD: New Delhi


Dr. Ritu Singh is an Dalit Assistant Professor at Delhi University’s Daulat Ram College, and has been active in issues of social importance in the DU. She was arbitrarily terminated from her position due to caste discrimination in 2020 and was on a peaceful strike for over 135 days.

On January 09, 2024 Dr. Ritu Singh and her associates were forcefully detained using heavy police force and taken to the police station Burari Police Station, Delhi. Delhi Police misbehaved with the protesters and forcefully loaded them in a vehicle and took them to the police station. Where they were detained for several hours.[1]

On January 19, 2024, many people peacefully gathered with Ms. Ritu Singh at the Art Faculty, Delhi University to commemorate the death anniversary of Mr. Rohit Vemula, a Dalit student. Mr. Chandrashekhar (A Dalit social and political leader) and Adv. Mahmood Pracha also took part in the march. The police gave no notice or warning to the peaceful protest but hundreds of policemen forcibly put the protestors in the vehicles and detained them till evening.

HRDA filed a appeal to NHRC to take urgent action and to initiate a transparent, independent inquiry into the illegal detention of the HRDs, Ensure the safety of WHRD and protect them from further harassment by the police.

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