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About Us

Human Rights Defenders Alert – India (HRDA) was initiated in 2010 by People’s Watch. It was initially a national desk on human rights defenders which has grown to become one of the largest platform of human rights defenders for human rights defenders in India, helping defenders to navigate and overcome the daunting challenges from the State and non-State actors. HRDA is committed to support those who strive to make all human rights recognised, fulfilled and respected, sometimes at the risk of their own lives and the wellbeing of their families. In recent years, HRDA has dedicated its efforts in supporting directly to the targeted groups of human rights defenders working with non-violent means on sensitive thematic issues such as governance, impunity, corruption, minorities, indigenous people, natural resources, sexual minorities and gender identities.

Through its regional desks at New Delhi, Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar, in the past six years, HRDA has trained more than 1000 grassroots human rights defenders. HRDA has initiated more than 400 urgent appeals with National Human Rights Commission of India and with the United Nations special procedures for protection of human rights defenders. HRDA has also intervened in cases where defenders are facing security concerns and extended assistance in the form of legal and medical aid, etc. In extreme cases, HRDA has also supported the temporary relocation of defenders at risk to safe places in other parts until the situation allows them to return home.

HRDA attempts to create a safer environment for defenders to operate without fear of intimidation, threats and repercussions.

1000+ Human rights Defenders trained

500+ Urgent appeals initiated with NHRC and UN