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Murder of a journalist and activist

Image Credit :- The Wire

Amit Topno

Human Rights Activists and Journalist



HRDA has issued an urgent appeal to the National Human Rights Commission of India on January 9, 2019, regarding the murder of human rights defender and journalist Mr. Amit Topno.

Mr. Topno’s dead body was found by locals on December 09, 2018 under the Ghaghra Bridge. It is alleged that he was murdered for his fearless reporting as a journalist in the news portal ‘News Code’. It will be pertinent to mention here that Mr. Topno toured the trouble zone of Khunti extensively, and posted on social media against the illegal sand mafias, the poor implementation of rural schemes for toilet construction and the false case registered against 20 innocent adivasi in July 2018 during Pathalgadi movement.

HRDA prayed for thorough investigation and to take immediate actions on the perpetrators of the case.

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