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Intimidation, threats, abuse, brutal assault and booking of false and malicious case against Prof. Sunil Waghmare

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Sunil Waghmare

HOD and Professor at KMC College.




HRDA has issued an urgent appeal to the National Human Rights Commission of India on 12th May regarding the intimidation, threats, abuse, brutal assault and booking of false and malicious case against Prof. Sunil Waghmare. He is presently the HOD and a professor in the Department of Commerce in the KMC college.

A WhatsApp group was created 4 years ago and had 34 members comprising professors and principal of the college with Prof. Amol Nagargoje as the admin. Members were known to share forwards and jokes, wishes, political messages, etc. On the night of march 15, forwarded message relating to Shivaji Jayanti were being shared, prof. Waghmare forwarded a message that he had received on a different Whatsapp group, which he had seen from a friend’s facebook page. The post refers to various dates on which Shivaji’s birthday is commemorated. Next day, the Principal met Prof. Waghmare and asked him to apologize for the comment. He clarified his stand and said he meant no offence and would apologize if anyone was offended.

After completing his supervision duties, he contacted the admin and clarified that the post should not be made into a big issue. By about noon, there was a commotion in the college near principal’s office and it was learnt that the principal had left the college and the non-teaching staff was angry, and were talking about closing down the work. Prof. Waghmare was asked to come down to the management cabin, where about 20 people were gathered in the room and 300 were gathered outside. Amidst giving an explanation about the post, someone from the crowd slapped him and commotion broke out. He was made to sit on the floor with injuries on his back, left leg, both ears and an injury on his head. Losing consciousness from the beating he felt flat.

Prof. Waghmare spent the night in the Police lock up. The next day in his bail hearing, it was argued by defence that 295A was not tenable and was granted bail on the condition that his mobile phone has to be given to the police for inspection.

Meanwhile, in an emergency meeting of the management committee held Prof. Waghmare was suspended mentioning the charges: a) Misconduct, b) Moral Turpitude, c) Misuse of Social Media, along with a disciplinary enquiry for a period of six months.

HRDA prayed for thorough investigation and to take immediate actions on the perpetrators of the case.

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