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Harassment and false charges by police

Mr. Pranob Hazarika
Human rights activist

HRDA has issued an urgent appeal to the National Human Rights Commission of India on 16 January, 16 over the continuous harassment and threats given to Mr. Pranab Hazarika, member of the Manab Adhikar Sangram Saminti (MASS), and his family members, by the Indian army.

According to sources, on 26 November 2016, at around 11 AM, army personnel of Sonari Banphera Base Army Camp came to Mr. Hazarika’s residence and cordoned off their house. At that time he was not present in the house and his wife, Ms. Lalita Hazarika, and elder son Mr. Bhaskar Hazarika were present. The army personnel ordered them to open the door. After Ms. Hazarika opened the door, they tried to pick up her elder son forcefully. After several requests made by Ms. Hazarika, the army personnel did not pick up the elder son and ordered his wife to produce her husband at the Sonari Banphera Base Army Camp the next day in the morning. The army personnel went to Mr. Hazarika’s younger brother, Mr. Rupeswar Hazarika’s house, on the same day after dark searching for Mr. Pranab Hazarika. They harassed him and physically assaulted him. Since then, Mr. Pranad Hazarika has not been able to stay in his home due to continuous harassment and threats.

A petition was submitted by Ms. Lalita Hazarika to the Deputy Commissioner of Charaideo seeking safety and security for her family from this harassment by the army. Mr. Pranab Hazarika has been charged under Section 38 of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and a fabricated case has been registered numbering 219/16 in the Sonari PS for his alleged links with ULFA. This case has been registered against Mr. Hazarika for his human rights work and his association with MASS. It has to be noted that his family members have been physically assaulted and harassed by the army prior to the registration of the case. 

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