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Detention of AIYF protestors in from of CM Camp Office in Vijayawada by Andhra Pradesh Police


The protest staged by members of the All-India Youth Federation (AIYF) in front of the Chief Minister's camp office in Vijayawada on February 12, 2024, demanding the filling of 25,000 vacant teacher positions in Andhra Pradesh, was met with forceful intervention by the Vijayawada Police. Despite the peaceful nature of the demonstration, the police resorted to attacking the protestors and detaining several individuals, as reported widely in the media. This incident highlights concerns regarding the right to protest, a fundamental aspect of democratic participation, and the necessity for careful scrutiny of state actions concerning public demonstrations to ensure adherence to constitutional freedoms.

Various international instruments recognize the right to protest, emphasizing its importance in democratic societies. Indian judicial precedent, such as the Supreme Court's rulings in Mazdoor Kisan Shakthi Sangathan v. UOI and Anita Thakur v. State of J&K, reaffirms this right as fundamental and crucial for the functioning of democracy. While reasonable restrictions on this right can be imposed by law to maintain public order, excessive use of force or reprisals against peaceful protestors undermine the principles of democratic governance. HRDA appeal to NHRC to take suo moto cognizance of the incident and invoke Section 12(a) of the Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Act, 2019, and initiate an independent inquiry into this incident to ensure accountability and protection of democratic rights.

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