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Brutal Police atrocity and injuring hundreds of differently abled people protesting peacefully at Dispur




HRDA has issued an urgent appeal to the National Human Rights Commission of India on 24th October, regarding the brutal police atrocity and injuring hundreds of differently-abled people protesting peacefully.

The members of Pratibandhi Suraksha Sangstha Assam (PSSA) along with two associated organisation namely Blind Council of Assam and All Assam Blind Students Union organized a peaceful demonstration. The organisers had valid permission for holding the demonstration. From the very beginning of the peaceful demonstration, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) along with Sub Inspector, Constable, and other police officials showed aggressive and dominant attitude and threatened the persons who were gathered peacefully for the demonstration. Besides, the police personnel under the directions of ADCP tried to provoke the protesters. Mr. Nripen Malakar, Secretary of PSSA with few others went to talk with the Government representative. But when they were busy talking with the representative of the Government, some of the protestors Mr. Rezaul Haque (disabled with two legs) and others were attacked by the police personnel with an intention to provoke the other participants. In that attack Rezaul Haque and some other participants sustained grievous hurt. They requested police to arrange for medical help but police did not arrange it. The government representative sought for half an hour time for discussion. Therefore, the protesters decided to wait for some more time after which they would go for a hunger strike in case no senior officials turned up from the government side.

At around 2.45 p.m., when two visually-members’ members of PSSA wanted to go outside from the demonstration place for restroom, the duty police personnel with malafide intention stopped them to provoke the peaceful protesters. They did not allow them to leave the place and without any reason and started assaulting the protesters who had different physical disability of various degrees. They used water cannons and also started indiscriminate ‘lathi charge’ on the peaceful protestors. The police personnel were so aggressive and rude that without considering the physical condition of the people with disability, they used excessive unreasonable force to beat the innocent disabled persons who can hardly move themselves normally. When the secretary of PSSA, Nripen Malakar tried to talk with the ADCP about the situation and requested for ceasing the attack on persons with disability who were seated peacefully at the demonstration place, they in turn attacked Nripen Malakar on his face by pushing the ‘Lathi’ as a result of which he sustained injury on his cheek. Further the police personnel attempted to hit on the head of blind persons with their Lathi but Malakar tried to protect them because of which Mr. Malakar got grievous injury on both his shoulders. The Sub Inspector of Dispur police station, Nipu Kalita, who used slang and degrading language and aggressively and rudely attacked the persons with disability along with other police personnel.

HRDA prayed for thorough investigation and to take immediate actions on the perpetrators of the case.

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