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Arbitrary search and harassment of human rights defender and activist Mohd Arif Tain by police

Image Credit :- The Hindu

Mohd Arif Tain

Human rights Defender



HRDA has issued an urgent appeal to the National Human Rights Commission of India on 03rd July, regarding the arbitrary search and harassment of human rights defender and activist Mr. Mohd Arif Tain and his family by the police of Haryana.

On June 19, 2018, Abid Hussain, ASI, Mewat Police along with three other unidentified police officials, barged into the house of Mr. Arif without a warrant or substantiated suspicion. The police came at a time when only Mr. Arif's mother, wife and children were at home as Mr. Arif, himself was away in Punhana, Harayan (Mewat), where he was conducting a fact-finding mission on encounter cases along with his colleagues of Aman Biradari. When his family asked the police for a warrant, the same was denied. The police further, threatened the family. After entering the house without any warrant or court order, the police personnel vandalised Mr. Arif's property and made baseless accusations and unsubstantiated claims against him, alleging that he was in possession of illegal arms, which have not been recovered by the police.

HRDA prayed for thorough investigation and to take immediate actions on the perpetrators of the case.

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