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RTI activist T Shridhar murdered after RTI against relatives of powerful politicians

T Shridhar

Journalist and RTI activist

Bangalore, Karnataka

HRDA has issued an urgent appeal to the National Human Rights Commission of India on September 14, 2021, regarding the murder of RTI activist and journalist Mr. T Shridhar after filing RTI against the relatives of a power politician.

Mr. T Shridhar had filed multiple RTIs in connection to land encroachment and other issues with the authorities. He also did multiple stories on illegal mining, encroachment, government land encroachment, unauthorized stone quarries, etc. 

Mr. Shridhar informed his wife on July 13 that his life was under threat after he filed an RTI application on a land encroachment issue in which the son of politician Mr. Bharath was involved.

On July 15, 2021, Mr. Shridhar was attacked by Mr. R. Vagish and four other men with iron rods and cement bricks. By the time he was taken to the Harapanahalli Government Hospital, he had died. After his death, an FIR was filed against five people including Mr. Vagish. However, the police have not taken any action against the politician or his son, though he had stated that his life was under threat from the said politician. This shows worsening law and order situations affecting the work of HRDs and perpetrators of crimes acting with impunity.  

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